Natural Green Cremation

As we strive to become a more ecology-friendly society, we look to technology to define better ways to accomplish the things we must do. On the highway, we are moving toward lower-emission combustion engines, or even cars that generate and run on electricity rather than fossil fuels. Wind mills and solar panels are popping up around the country to lessen our reliance on carbon-based solutions.

Traditionally, cremation is a process that relies on fossil fuels to heat a retort or a specially designed oven to very high temperatures for the purpose of reducing a human body to cremains (commonly referred to as ashes). 2012 marks the year when, for the first time in America, a more environmentally-friendly alternative is available. Today, we are able to offer cremation by alkaline hydrolysis, which breaks down the human body into its chemical components. The cremains, or ashes, are the same as those people are accustomed to scattering or memorializing in an urn, niche, columbarium or cemetery. However, the "green" cremation process consumes far less fuel and is offered at a substantially lower cost than green burials.

The message for your family is this: we care for your loved one now as before, just with a more earth-friendly cremation process. CLICK HERE to learn more about alkoline hydrolysis.